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Becoming an informed nomad is all about being informed…

Duffle Bag, Cartagena, Colombia


There are so many factors that are going to influence what you decide to pack and what you decide to leave at home. Think, "What sorts of activities will I be doing?" "Do I want to go out?" "Am I planning to visit a nice restaurant?" What you will need depends on what you are looking to do in Cartagena.

Here we have a list of things we think you MUST bring:

  • Bathing suit

  • Sandals

  • Phone charger

  • Sun block

  • Sun glasses

  • Comfortable clothes

  • Phone and/or Camera 

Cloth, Cartagena, Colombia, Old City


Even though it is located in front of the beach, Cartagena is much more than a beach city. It is where the most influential Colombian figures come during their free weekends, and where models and actors come to party. This is why Cartagena has become a fashion-oriented destination, hosting the most amazing boutiques inside of the walled city and inspiring both local and international fashion designers.


You will realize soon after landing that nobody is walking around in swimsuits, and that flip flops are a no-no in many restaurants. This is why we recommend you dress to impress. During the daytime feel free to relax and wear shorts in the heat, but in the evening (especially to go to clubs and restaurants) guys should wear pants, button down shirts and closed-toe shoes. Girls you know what to do ;)

Fruits, Papaya, Colombia, Cartagena, Old City


All of our past nomads agree on Cartagena being beautiful and safer than other South American cities. As long as you stick to our advice and recommendations you will be more than safe. Everything is about being informed, which seems to be the key everywhere! We will let you know which areas to avoid and what not to do. We have this saying ‘no dar papaya’ which literally means ‘don’t give papaya’. Yes, Papaya, the fruit. Giving papaya is to give someone the opportunity to take advantage of you. Walking with cellphone in hand, showing off cash, walking by yourself late at night, leaving your drink by the bar unattended, looking for things you shouldn't be looking for, are all examples of giving up the fruit. If you have questions about something, ask us first. Our goal is for you to be as informed as we are in order to NEVER give papaya.

Exchange Money, Cartagena, Old City, Colombia, Wall City


The official currency of our country is COP, Colombian Pesos. It’s easy to exchange currency in Cartagena and there are many money exchange companies as well as local banks were you can do so in the airport and around the city. However, we recommend our guests to retrieve Colombian pesos at a local secured ATM using their debit cards, since ATMs provide the best exchange rates. Cash is necessary in Colombia as not everyone accepts credit cards. In restaurants you will be fine paying with debit and credit cards, but for street food, taxis and tips cash is necessary. We encourage you to tip your guides and local hosts, however taxis are a flat fee to move around the city. If you have any questions of how much you should be paying to go somewhere ask your local concierge, and remember we are also able to arrange transportation anywhere if needed.

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